Summer 2016 Schedule

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Effective June 20 to September 5, 2016

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Choose from ongoing yoga classes, pre-registered yoga classes, and other classes including Tai Chi and Pilates. We also offer Workshops and community events throughout the year.

Closed the following Holidays to all drop in classes:
January 1, February 8, March 25, March 27, March 28, May 23, July 1, August 1, September 5, October 10–11, November 11, December 24–25.

We also offer Counselling, Yoga Therapy, Reiki and Bodywork. For details see Bodywork and Private Sessions.

Summer 2016 Schedule (Jun 20 – Sep 5)

✔ = drop-ins / passes; ℜ = registration required; $ = additional $5 fee

Time Class (click for info) Studio Teacher Type
9:30–10:30am Pilates on the Mat (Kalijo) Sun Studio Mishelle
10:00–11:30am Iyengar Yoga Level I, II & III (no class Aug 1) Moon Studio Nicola
5:30–7:00pm Tensegrity Series — Jul 11–Aug 15 Sun Studio Lyne ✔ ℜ $
9:30–11:00am Energizing Flow Yoga Moon Studio Marney
10:00–11:15am Qi Gong — Jul 5–Aug 16 Sun Studio Naeodi
5:30–6:45pm Beginners Yoga Moon Studio Nicola
7:00–9:00pm Sangha By The Sea Moon Studio Mixed
9:30–11:00am Hatha Yoga: The 5 Elements and the Chakras — Jul 13–Aug 17 Moon Studio Lyne ✔ ℜ $
5:30–6:45pm Restorative & Yogic Breathing Sun Studio Nicola
7:00–8:15pm Restorative Yin Yoga Sun Studio Lisa
9:30–11:00am Energizing Flow Yoga (intermediate) Moon Studio Marney
10:00–11:15am Yin Yoga Sun Studio Andre
4:30–6:30pm Iyengar Yoga Level II & III Moon Studio Nicola
7:00–8:15pm Hathat Yoga/Yoga Nidra Moon Studio Mixed
9:00–10:15am Beginners Yoga (no class July 1) Moon Studio Nicola
9:30–10:45am Hatha Flow Yoga Sun Studio Melissa
8:30–9:45am Hatha Flow Yoga Moon Studio Lisa
10:00–11:30am Wake-Up Yoga Sun Studio Marney
8:30–9:45am Hatha Flow Yoga Moon Studio Karin
10:00–11:30am Wake-Up Yoga Sun Studio Lyne
10:30am–12:00pm Iyengar — All Levels (no class Jul 3, Jul 31, or Sep 4) Moon Studio Nicola

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Moon Studio
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